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Uwe Winkelbrenner Email

How did you find Legends of America? Very Nice

Hey there,
it was very nice.. 


Bobby Price  

Where are you from? Seattle Wa

How did you find Legends of America? internet

I am doing a paper on your tribe for homeland security i was born in Altus Oklahoma that is why i chose you. Thank You Bobby 

David P. Salazar 

Where are you from? Albuquerque, NM

How did you find Legends of America? internet search

Love your website! Everything you want to know about The Land of Enchantment!


Claudia W Wilson 

Where are you from? El Paso TX (childhood) Ft Worth TX (after college)

How did you find Legends of America? Looking in search engine for "La Llorona"

It was a legend I that frightened me for YEARS in early childhood on the border (1950s). I heard it from a neighbor boy almost 65 years ago. His story made it real to me.
Llarona's scheme for trapping me came out of a dream that became a recurring nightmare.
Interestingly the young latinos I work with now (in their '30s) asked me if I was afraid of anything.  I said I used to be but now I know the llorona isn't real. They insisted she is real.
Maybe she is, and maybe I only "aged out" of her victim category safely.

Thanks for the website. I'll explore other things here later!

Chelsea Monique Morris Email

Where are you from? Abilene, TX

How did you find Legends of America? intuition directed words ghost dance <3

I love I give honor great appreciation sharing of all all that is. Thank you ALL RESTORATION HERE

Trudy Perkins Rieth Email

Where are you from? Blue Rapids, Kansas

How did you find Legends of America? Doing research on the Pony Express.

My name is Trudy Perkins Rieth. I am the great granddaughter of Ezra George Perkins. Mr Perkins was the postmaster as well as a Pony Express rider at the Hollenberg Pony Express station. I'm doing research on the Pony Express for a possible documentary. I'm curious about the reported hauntings at the Hollenberg Station. How did you come about this information? I would like to include the alleged huntings in my research. Is it possible for you to tell me from who you got this info from? If possible I would like to interview anyone that has knowledge of these hauntings. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Cheri Allison Email

Where are you from? Originally illinois but i lived in Mobeetie TX

How did you find Legends of America? Looking up Mobeetie

I married a Hilburn from Mobeetie back in 1982. I was just wondering if they still did the Labor Day Festival.

Ted Kuhn 

Where are you from? Reno, nv

How did you find Legends of America? Long ago, I think you found me!

You gave me some in-sights on finding Ghost Towns and
abandoned trails and mines. Keep up the good work.

Matt Cookson  Email

Where are you from? Colorado

How did you find Legends of America? Jason Homola

I went to school with Jason. I would really like to get in touch with him if possible?

David Warwick 

Where are you from? Livingston, Texas

How did you find Legends of America? Searching for possible relic hunting sites.


 First let me introduce myself. I'm David Warwick living in Livingston TX. I'm a senior disabled veteran just beginning to receive my S.S at age seventy.

 It's a fixed but modest income and ready to travel the area and see the sights while relic hunting not to mention learning some of the history involved.

 While reading the article by "Kathy" about 'Mexican Gold In Cypress Creek" my interest peaked as it seems to be the ideal location to begin this most interesting hobby. However, I need more details as to the size of the Calvary that was in the area at the time of this encounter.

 If you would, please, send email about the references you used to collect this data as the internet is so full of, er..let's say schmuck, as to gather reliable information.

  Hoping to hear from you soon.

   David Warwick
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