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Tomonia Hankerson Email

Where are you from? NY

How did you find Legends of America? Goole

Very informative love it

David Burns Email

Where are you from? Lebanon Ohio

How did you find Legends of America? Searching the web for history about stage coach drivers

Awesome site very informative I'll be back to look up more stuff I didn't know about the west

Bryan Strome 

Where are you from? Secwepemc Territory, Canada

How did you find Legends of America? A search engine

May I invite you to check out "First Nations Seeker: Directory of North American Indigenous Portal Websites"

and it's online map showing tribes all across the continent at the time of first contact.

This is just a one person, hobby project.... You might find it interesting!


Richard Gaine Email

Where are you from? New Jersey

How did you find Legends of America? been following you for years.

Have not received anything from you for a while. Don't know if you remember me. I was the guy looking for an authentic western badge. Hope all is well with you guys...


Hi Richard, 
We had a newsletter 'meltdown' in late 2016 that resulted in the loss of several thousand subscribers.  I've added you back to the list , thanks for reaching out.  

[For anyone needing to sign back up to our newsletter, go to our Newsletter page]

Rheajean E Walker Email

Where are you from? Wilkeson, WA

How did you find Legends of America? Theres a black bear living in my back yard, so I was googling information on BLACK BEAR & HUMAN safty info. The National Forest Service had a link to your site and, well HERE I AM!

I live in a rural area at the base of Mt. Rainier's west slope, I am privileged to see the Elks head looking out at us on any clear day. I fell in love with the areas brilliant beauty and vivid colours in every season, its a nature lovers dream. There have been many unexplainable occurences all around the area, theres definetly a powerful vibrational frequency enimating from the deep moutain canyons and glacier rivers and streams. After all Mt. Rainier is an active volcano, and did you know that great stands of ENORMOUS trees were crushed under tons of hot magma which trapped those great trees for a very long time. As our Earth moves beneath our feet it began to churn up those old trees which had become petrified some trees had actually turned into crystals.


Where are you from? Florida

How did you find Legends of America? on line

Thank you for your hard work and making the News Letter very informative.  Went to Chloride, New Mexico last June and had a blast.  Barb

Angie Stewart Email

Where are you from? MO

How did you find Legends of America? Searching from PCH search now

I never knew my father, nor have I ever seen him,and the only thing I do know is his name and nationality which is Cherokee Indian , so that means that I am too, I'm excited to find out more of who I am and who I came from

Journey Martin 

Where are you from? Philadelphia PA

How did you find Legends of America? luckily found you on the web

So Happy I found you!  Love the site & histoy & pix too!
I sent Dave a separate email as I am hoping to find some
specific herbs for a remedy I received from a herb

Keep up the good work!

Best to you now & in the future!


Melody Colecchi Email

Where are you from? Ohio

How did you find Legends of America? googling

Our mom passed Nov '16 and left and extensive collection of outhouse publications and collectables.  I would like to locate another another collector to pass the items on to.  There are 2 full boxes.   

Donna Jean Davis Stone Logan B Email

Where are you from? South Carolina

How did you find Legends of America? She who stands with fist

Haven't heard from you in a while. 

[Editor's Response]:

Hi Donna, 
We're here   If you are referring to our newsletter, we had a bit of a "meltdown" last year, where long story short, we were forced to have everyone reconfirm.  Those that didn't receive or respond to the reconfirmation were removed from our list in order for us to stay compliant with our newsletter provider.  
You can sign back up for our newsletter, and see previous newsletters (sent monthly now) via this link. 

Thanks for checking in on us, and especially for being a reader!

Dave & Kathy

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