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Donna Jean Davis Stone Logan B Email

Where are you from? South Carolina

How did you find Legends of America? She who stands with fist

Haven't heard from you in a while. 

[Editor's Response]:

Hi Donna, 
We're here   If you are referring to our newsletter, we had a bit of a "meltdown" last year, where long story short, we were forced to have everyone reconfirm.  Those that didn't receive or respond to the reconfirmation were removed from our list in order for us to stay compliant with our newsletter provider.  
You can sign back up for our newsletter, and see previous newsletters (sent monthly now) via this link. 

Thanks for checking in on us, and especially for being a reader!

Dave & Kathy


Where are you from? Australia

How did you find Legends of America? Google Search

Very helpful for American novel studies 

Christopher Bell Email

Where are you from? Oakland, California

How did you find Legends of America? researching Tales of Seamen.

Awaiting LP release by the band "Old Dog" titled "Tales from the Jowls of Seamen". Searching stories from San Francisco's/ West Coast Ports of 19th Century.

Kia Lanza 

Where are you from? Fort Bethold Indian reservation. New Town,North Dakota

How did you find Legends of America? Google search

Thank You so much for your amazing website. All your hard work and dedication to up keeping such historical facts, maps and photos is greatly appreciated. I absolutely loved it and will be revisiting.[biggrin]

Cyndi Email

Where are you from? Fort Lauderdale

How did you find Legends of America? Google

All 66ers note:

DEVIL'S ELBOW IS CURRENTLY GONE!! Out precious national mother road takes another hit! Washed out by flooding on the west side of town. Plan accordingly. Grieving for more of our great national past gone.

Pat T 

Where are you from? New Mexico

How did you find Legends of America? ?

So many thanks for your incomparable site. I've never encountered anything as organized and encompassing as this site. Bookmarked and Mind blown! What an achievement that you have produced. It's beautiful, heart wrenching and somberly true to our history. Thank you for helping me absorb and understand the obviously wicked truth of our treatment to others on this planet that we stole everything from. I am ashamed of my ancestors for the treatment of other throughout history. I appreciate all your efforts to educate and inform with FACTS. Kudos and many thanks to the authors for all your toil and sweat to make this such an exceptional and expansive educational, informative source for the truth seekers. Pat Taylor


Where are you from? VICTORIA.AUSTRALIA

How did you find Legends of America? BILLY THE KID


Richard Gill Email

Where are you from? Huntington tx

How did you find Legends of America? Online

Thank you I am looking for treasure and gold

teresa mobley Email

Where are you from? plainfield, new jersey

How did you find Legends of America? internet

I have visit this site and others like this off and on for some time and is very curious about my background. My grandfather before he pass away mention that he is part blackfoot  but I never heard any of my aunts or uncles during their time upon the earth about it. The ones that are here among the living I did not ask them because I was not sure they grow up like that. I found your site interesting.  I have a very hard time connecting with the opposite sex because of my words does not come out the way it should or I get lost in my thinking when I see a new face. I would like to be on the mailing list and I would like to connect with an actual black foot to learn more about my back ground. when my grandfather was living I did  not ask question that I have right now because that side of him he never shown as I grew up. I like your site and wish you the best in improving it for visitors like me. thank you  


Where are you from? New Zealand

How did you find Legends of America? I can't remember

I love Legends of America website, at I look forward to my news letter emails. There's always so much to read and look at.
Every email has something different and interesting articles.
Many time I have used the website and emails as research for our holidays to the USA. If I didn't get the emails and know about the website, I would have missed out on seeing some amazing sights.
Thanks so much for all your reasearch and hard work.
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