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Leticia Skiles Email

Where are you from? Victoria, TX

How did you find Legends of America? google

I have a couple of items I believe to be artifacts from the mound builders. One found in a field in Missouri. The other I purchased in a antique store. I need to find out about them.

Ryland Stowell Email

Where are you from? Cottonwood Arizona

How did you find Legends of America? Friend ask me a question about az forts and I got fascinated by the website.ive been reading for days now,it's really quite interesting website

If you want to know about the old west read legends of the west

jon kronske 

Where are you from? Belgrade ,MT

How did you find Legends of America? Researching the Pryor mountain range and came across the stories of the little people.

More info on the pedro mummy than any other site ive seen , thanks!


Where are you from? Toronto

How did you find Legends of America? Generally searching for native peoples remedies

Thank you for what you guys do


Where are you from? st. louis

How did you find Legends of America? i`m a decendant of john colter

i am a living decendant of john colter. the family name was changed later to coulter.
it`s so cool to read about him. i have his book.
my grandpa was a direct relitive of him. this is cool stuff to learn about my heritage.

Carole Hudspeth Email

Where are you from? NM

How did you find Legends of America? Google

I am his great niece. Outlaw lives on

Charlene K. Maychrzak Email

Where are you from? Scranton ND

How did you find Legends of America? Looking up post offices for research

I love your website, what beautiful pics of where I live, I am the Postmaster in Scranton ND. I would love some photos that you took.

Debby Jacobs 

Where are you from? Long Beach, California via Arizona

How did you find Legends of America? Looking up the Cowboy Code

I have much respect for the proverbs and sayings of wisdom. My mother's family was Cherokee and my father's family was Yaqui. I have much respect for American Indians. Thank you for a wonderful site.[smile][thumb][thumb]

Dwayne "Quentin" Watson 

Where are you from? Georgia

I am conducting college research paper in American Indian history and I came across this site. There seems to be some great information here I can use to establish supported documentation for the reader.
thank you

mari bieber 

Where are you from? Salina, Ks

How did you find Legends of America? FB

I am offended that you choose to call  Brookville, Kansas a ghost town.....the old grade school is a private residence and has been for years.....there is a city mayor, several active churches a beautiful junior and senior high school with every sport available, there is a Senior Citizen Group that meets for a meal monthly, a Rebeka Lodge for women  and a Lyons Club for men...the Lyons club holds a pancake breakfast and soup lunch as fundraisers yearly...also Labor Day weekend at Brookville is full of activities, parade, rodeo, games in the park and a dance in the evening ......A Ghost town, not by a long shot, unless the meaning of ghost town has changed....the residents of Brookville are proud of their town, with new homes built within the last 10 years and older homes kept  up......maybe it's time for another visit to Brookville, Kansas

Editor's Response:  While we appreciate your position, I would like to point out that we don't call Brookville a "ghost town",  we say it is an 'almost' ghost town.  From our article, we state "though Brookville continues to support a population of about 250 people, we could find no open businesses other than the post office when we were there in 2009. Today, it has become mostly a bedroom community to Salina commuters. This almost ghost town is well worth a visit to check out its unpaved and dusty streets and lined with sandstone buildings and wooden storefronts that look very much like they did over a century ago. Its beautiful two-story stone school, last used in 1996, continues to stand."

Link to article:

Also, you should understand what some consider to be ghost towns. From our article  

"Basically, a ghost town is any historical town or site that leaves evidence of a town's previous glory. This could be in many forms -- all businesses closed, municipal services at a minimum, rubble and old nails strewn about, ruins of former buildings, etc. Some places that are categorized as ghost towns; however, still have people living in them and though sometimes they don't want to be called a ghost town, most historians will continue to reference them that way if the reason or purpose for it's original "boom" is gone."

Dave Alexander
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